The national security Council (NSC) at the White house presented to the President of the United States Donald Trump the possible options for countering nuclear threats posed by North Korea.

On it informs TV channel NBC, citing several sources in the us intelligence community and the Pentagon.

The recommendations were prepared ahead of the visit of Chinese leader XI Jinping. The White house hopes that China can use its influence to convince Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear development program, however, if this does not happen, Washington will have to resort to other options.

In the first case speech can go about placing nuclear bombs, the US military base at Osan in 80 km from Seoul. The second option involves the liquidation of Kim Jong-UN and other senior representatives of the DPRK, under the control of which is the nuclear program of the country .

Another option is a mystery sent to North Korea American and South Korean soldiers of the special forces for covert operations involving sabotage and sabotaging key infrastructure.

We will remind, the President of the United States Donald trump during a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe said that his country is using military capabilities ready to defend Japan, which faced the North Korean threat.

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