WASHINGTON, March 7. /Offset. TASS Andrey Shitov/. The President of the United States Donald trump is personally welcomed the first group of tourists coming on a tour of the White house with new owners. According to the newspaper The Hill, he waved to the tourists by the hand, inviting them to enter the residence. Those at the sight of him burst out in joyful cheers.

No remarks in the publication not given. It is noted that the tours resumed after an unusually long break, which lasted nearly seven weeks.

How are the tickets

Tickets for these trips are distributed primarily through the U.S. Congress. American citizens are encouraged to apply through their representatives in the highest legislative body of the country. Receipt of applications begins three months before the intended date of visit to the White house, but at least three weeks for checks on the safety line .


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It is believed that foreigners may apply through their embassies. But the Russian Embassy where the TASS correspondent made enquiries on this matter, replied that about any regular admission question never was and is not. If someone in the past and were allowed to tour the White house with the assistance of the Embassy, only in some rare cases, always accompanied by senior diplomats. Now the Embassy finds out whether the adjustment of previous practices.

A long tradition

Tradition of tolerance “people off the street” to the residence of the head of state started in 1805, the third President of the United States, one of the “founding fathers” of the Republic of Thomas Jefferson. Honored his name tradition is considered to be generally inviolable, though breaks, of course, happened and happen, including the change of owners of the White house. In the case Trumps break was delayed – as far as is known, primarily due to the fact that the “first lady” of the USA with his son-student continues to live in new York, waiting for the end of the school year.

By the way, to hurry her forced American lawmakers. In mid-February, two dozen members of Congress sent to the White house on behalf of their constituents asking when to resume the tour. They then recalled that “the previous administration were quickly opened to the public the doors of the White house – sometimes even the next day after the inauguration”, held on January 20.

In response, the unit “first lady” announced on her behalf that the tours will resume on March 7. “I’m happy to re-open the White house for hundreds of thousands of visitors who have been in it every year, said Melania trump. – The white house – the place is truly historical, and we are happy to share its beauty and history.”

The name and protection

The white house – the official working residence of the presidents of the United States. Built at the turn of XVIII – XIX centuries the mansion in 1814, was burned down by soldiers of the British colonial army, but he was immediately restored, and then many times rebuilt and reconstructed. He was always white, but the official current name was given to him in 1901 when President Theodore Roosevelt.

The South facade of the building facing the main Boulevard of Washington – the so-called national Mall, and the North goes to one of the Central and busy city streets – Pennsylvania Avenue. Because of this, externally the White house always seemed to be readily available, in line with its advocacy to the status of “national” at home, by definition, have no permanent owner.

However, in may 1995, attack in Oklahoma city, the presidential guard – US Secret service – closed section of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the house to traffic. After the monstrous attacks of September 11, 2001, this restriction was permanent. Even later over a few consecutive scandalous missteps the same Secret service that allowed a penetration on the territory of the residence of strangers, the regime of protection were constantly increased, so now the main fence of pointed iron rods surrounded by additional barriers, separated from her by several meters. In the end, still the atmosphere is calm confidence gave way to a feeling of nervous vulnerability.

That show tourists

In these conditions, the more valuable becomes the option to get into the White house as a tourist – especially since there are allowed to take pictures. The exhibition starts on the ground level. Visitors enter the residential East wing of the building through a side entrance and visiting a few rooms, including the home library and a hall where exposed collection of crockery and Cutlery.

The latter was started by the wife of President Woodrow Wilson in 1917 and now includes samples of dishes, which enjoyed almost all the past owners of the White house. Initially, at the first presidents of the United States in the basement lived a servant, and was located utility room. Now the building is only six floors, including two underground.

Then the tourists climb on the first floor, referred to as “state”. It has green, blue and red drawing rooms, and on the sides of East hall and the hall of state receptions. The interiors are classical everywhere in the style of past centuries. Central blue living room has an oval shape.

East hall – the most spacious in the residence (about 34 by 11 metres) and is used for large receptions, balls, concerts and press conferences. Room gospriemka about half; with Seating where you can accommodate up to 140 people.

After the viewing visitors leave the White house through the front door under a portico with a colonnade on the North side of the building.