Donald trump promised to send the astronauts of the United States in “distant worlds” in the next ten years.

The US President announced this
decree during his first speech in Congress last night
Capitol hill.

About space travel
Trump mentioned talking about how he imagines US in the 250-year anniversary
country in 2026.

According to him it is possible
to suggest that the President intends to send astronauts to the moon and make
mankind to take the first steps on Mars.

Trump said that “traces
Americans in distant worlds is not a too distant dream”, adding
what if “we will liberate the dreams of our people”, everything will become possible.

Earlier during his
inaugural speech trump said the U.S. is ready “to open the secrets of

Recall that NASA last month found seven planets, potentially suitable for human life .

By the way, in the evening during his speech, Donald trump all present incredibly angered dress his daughter Ivanka.

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