NEW YORK, June 13. /TASS/. China has provided great assistance to the United States in their efforts to establish a dialogue with the DPRK. About the American President Donald trump said in an interview with Fox News channel that aired Tuesday.

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“They really helped us,” said the President, speaking in Beijing. “China can’t be thrilled with that very strong people with nuclear missiles and a huge potential, located near them,” said trump, referring, obviously, North Korea.

However, he acknowledged that the assistance of Beijing in this direction “was a bit smaller in the last two or three months.” Trump has tied up with the tension between the US and China because of their trade disputes. “But nothing will hinder my relationship with the President [of China] XI [Jinping],” said the President. “I highly respect him, he’s a wonderful person,” – said the head of the American state .

Trump also reiterated that after talks in Singapore with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, he realized that he “wants security.” “I understand that, and he’ll get it,” said the US President.

Also, according to trump, Kim Jong-UN wants to understand how it can best take advantage of the development potential of their country. As noted by the American leader, North Korea “incredible geographical location”. “It is between China and South Korea and is surrounded by the ocean,” said trump. “To be the best thing,” he added.

Trump and Kim Jong-UN, left on Tuesday in Singapore, where according to the results of the first ever summit of the two countries signed a document in which he pledged to establish bilateral relations in the new format. It indicates that the strengthening of mutual trust can promote the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.