Queen Elizabeth II and Donald trump


World news: Donald trump complained to Elizabeth II, who made him wait.

The President of the United States, Donald trump told his supporters that Queen Elizabeth II made him wait during his first official visit to the UK.

As reported by the European true with reference to Politico, trump also accused the media of false reports, allegedly in fact the meeting he was late.

Speaking Thursday at a meeting in Pennsylvania, trump stated that he arrived 15 minutes early for a meeting with “the incredible Queen.” He criticized “fake, fake, disgusting news”, alleging that he was the only one who was late for a meeting.

Presidential visit to Britain was broadcast live, including footage in which the Queen was waiting for trump 12 minutes, looking at his watch.

“I landed… And waited with the guards of the king and Queen… I was waiting for. I arrived 15 minutes ahead and waited for my wife, that’s fine . She’s the Queen, isn’t it? We can wait for her. But I arrived a little faster,” – said trump supporters.

Trump also denied that his appointment lasted longer than planned. He was convinced that he did not know about the planned 15-minute meeting, and added that “it lasted probably an hour,” because they “get along” with the Queen.