Gordon Sandland
Photo: EPA

The decision of the head of the White house entered into force immediately.

The President of the United States Donald trump dismissed the country’s Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sandland. The diplomat informed of the decision of the head of the White house, which took effect immediately, says the American edition of The New York Times, citing the statement of the Ambassador (translation dw.com).

Sandland was one of the key witnesses in the case of impeachment trump. So, in November 2019 in a speech in the U.S. Congress, the diplomat said that the White house put military aid to Kiev in reliance on the holding in Ukraine of the investigation against his probable opponent in the upcoming presidential elections , Joseph Biden</b>.

A dismissed employee of NSC wingman witness interviews trump with Zelensky

A few hours earlier, his position left the employee of the Council for national security of the United States and an expert on Ukraine Alexander windman, said his lawyer. Wingman who was present at the July telephone conversation trump and the President of Ukraine , Vladimir Zelensky, also testified in Congress.

The U.S. Senate did not support the impeachment of Donald trump

The conversation of the two presidents has led to loud political scandal in the United States and was the cause of the start procedure of impeachment of the President. Members of the U.S. Senate, February 5, voted against impeachment. For it was the necessary two-thirds majority in the 100-seat Senate, most of the places where occupied by supporters of the White house for the Republican party.

However, each of the two charges were supported by less than half of senators. The charges of abuse of power was related to a telephone conversation trump and Zelensky, and charged with obstructing the investigation into the Congress with the attempts of the President of the United States to prevent the deposition and to block access to some requested documents, the Democrats.