To familiarize the President of the United States Donald Trump to soon receive a report of the American researchers with the justification for the policy of containment of Russia and its main thesis.

In the work on the report was attended by a group of researchers, representing not only the United States but also Canada, France and other Western countries, and in the next few document will be given to Donald Trump and congressmen, according to “Russian conversation”.

From a common summary of the report, leaked to the us media, it is known that the researchers suggest that the country’s authorities to prepare a worthy response to the “machinations” of the Moscow refers to Russian propaganda, the Kremlin’s meddling in the presidential election and Russia’s attempts to disturb the established world order .

According to the report, Russia is trying to “challenge the security of the West” and the United States, in order to counter this, needs to acquire the tools of deterrence and to punish Moscow.

Recall, the Donald trump is not a supporter of the development of the confrontation in relations with Russia and has repeatedly said it wants to find a common language with President Vladimir Putin and finally to get along with get along with Moscow.

In turn, the Kremlin is not yet know when one should expect from the White house signals the beginning of dialogue to restore the previous format of relations.