Trump agree to new sanctions against Russia

Washington has also condemned Moscow’s decision on the expulsion of American diplomats.

American President Donald trump will soon sign a bill approved by Congress on the strengthening of sanctions against Russia. This was announced by Vice-President Mike Pence on Twitter.

“As a sign of our commitment, very soon, Donald trump will sign the law on strengthening and codifying U.S. sanctions against Russia,” wrote Pence.

Penny also commented on Russia’s recent decision to expel American diplomats.

“The recent diplomatic actions taken by Moscow, will tend to limit U.S. obligations in relation to our security, our allies and freedom-loving Nations,” said Pence.

On July 28 the Russian government said that Russia should remain 455 employees of diplomatic institutions. American diplomats also deprived of the right to use a dacha in Serebryany Bor, and a warehouse in Moscow .

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