Mr Brodsky

© Personal archive of Vladimir Brodsky

MOSCOW, August 5. /TASS/. Lecturer, NRU Higher school of Economics (HSE) Mr Brodsky said on his page in Facebook that they were bullied by the police near Yaroslavsky station in Moscow.

According to Brodsky, three police officers in plain clothes accompanied him to the Department for verification of documents.

“In office I quickly learned that there is no “check the computer” will not – I was led to the basement and closed the door. Further, employees already in a much more rude and threatening manner demanded that I be removed from the pockets personal belongings,” wrote the teacher on the page.

The police, according to the victim, did not provide witnesses, forced to strip naked, swearing and intimidating the detainee. Finding nothing illegal, the police released Brodsky, who came home, turned on the hot line of the Ministry of interior .

In a press-Management service on transport of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on TSFO TASS reported that the teacher initiated in-service inspection. “We started checking and if such fact took place, appropriate steps will be taken”, – said the press service.