After Sagitova Alina and Evgenia Medvedeva his short program to control the rentals in the “Luzhniki” has demonstrated another star of the Russian figure skating world champion 2015 Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, according to “Russian conversation”.

Before the first start in the season ward Alexei Mishin changed music in the short program, so today she skated to the music of Astor Piazzolla “Tango Oblivion”. Previously, the athlete was going to ride with the group Drumming Song Florence and the Machine.

At the outset purely Tuktamysheva performed crown triple Axel, but then something went wrong and the skater failed the cascade, making the “butterfly” on both jumps. In the end, was made a coat in one and two turns.

At the end of the program accurately managed a triple Lutz.

Previously, their short program was presented by Sagitova Alina and Evgenia Medvedeva. Ward Eteri Tutberidze have managed to hire, and patronized Brian Orser had stopped the cascade, falling on the second jump.