SAINT PETERSBURG, April 3. /TASS/. Data about whether the injured tourists in the explosion in the subway of Saint Petersburg, has not yet been reported. This was reported by the correspondent of TASS in the press-service of city Committee on tourism.

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“While we are still unable to understand who was hurt. Now as soon as we find out who needs help, it will take the most direct part. Those who will need help, we will provide it”, – said there.

The Committee said that while recommending the agencies to adjust the program, they can not. “This is a commercial structure. All heads of travel agencies – sensible people, they will make a decision. In any case it will be according to what is happening now. At the moment we are waiting for some steps that travelers will make the right decisions”, – explained in the Committee for tourism of St. Petersburg.

While tourists do not refuse to rest in Saint-Petersburg from-for explosion in metro, told the correspondent of TASS representatives of the tourism industry. “We do not travel on the metro, and in the near future on these routes, no one involved”, – told TASS the representative of the St. Petersburg travel Agency “Kapriz”, adding that while no one from visiting the city refused.

As told TASS Executive Director of the tourist Association “World without borders”, which deals with Russian-Chinese tourism, Svetlana Pyatikhatki, Chinese tourists will also refuse to visit the city. “While we have not addressed on this topic people. While such information is not present,” she said. The number of tourists from China to Saint Petersburg today is one of the most numerous.