Turkey is preparing for military action, buying Russian air defense systems s-400, on the contrary, it intends to strengthen national security, says the President of the country Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“We bought the s-400 system is not to prepare for war and to protect our peace and our national security”, – quotes Agency Anadolu, Erdogan.

Earlier on Sunday to Turkey three aircraft arrived with the components of the s-400. The aircraft began arriving in Turkey on Friday, just at present, at the airbase “Myurted” under the Ankara arrived seven aircraft.

S-400 “Triumph” (JSC “EKO Concern “Almaz-Antey”) designed to engage aircraft tactical and strategic aircraft, ballistic missiles, hypersonic targets and other means of air attack in conditions of electronic and other types of resistance. The system is capable at ranges of up to 400km to hit aerodynamic targets and at ranges up to 60 km ballistic targets flying at speeds up to 4.8 km/s at altitudes from a few meters to several tens of kilometers.