New U.S. proposals for creation of a security zone in Northern Syria rejects Turkey, said Wednesday at a press conference in Ankara, foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

“New US proposals on security zone in Syria do not suit Turkey,” Cavusoglu commented on the results of the meeting of the Minister of national defence of Turkey Hulusi ACAR and the US special envoy on Syria, James Jeffrey.

He noted that “to reach agreement on the creation of a security zone as soon as possible” because Turkey has “run out of patience”.

According to the Anatolian news Agency, Cavusoglu stressed that Turkey’s cooperation with the United States must be built on trust and transparency.

Cavusoglu earlier this week said that if the security zone in Northern Syria will not be created, and the terrorist threat to national security will be maintained, Ankara will start a military operation East of the Euphrates river.

Turkey and the United States in may 2019 has already raised the question of the establishment of this safety zone, however, is still not agreed.

Turkey wants to protect its borders from Kurdish people’s protection units, which in Ankara consider a terrorist, wants the security zone went 40 kilometers into Syria. In addition, Turkey insists that all the forces of the people’s protection units withdrew from the area, and their facilities destroyed.

In Washington, in turn, believe that the security zone should take no more than 10 km, and it should not be present the Turkish troops on a permanent basis.