In Turkey as from 1 January 2020, introduced a tax from tourists staying in hotels in the amount of 2% of the cost of a hotel room.

“A tax of 2% in the hotel sector of Turkey is introduced from 1 January 2020. Request hoteliers to postpone it and to reduce the rate have not found the answer”, – said the publication TourismGuncel.

As noted, in the first year the tax rate is 1%, from the second year – 2%. Tax will pay for hotels, pensions, guest houses and other accommodation facilities for the tourists. And the tax for guests will be issued as a separate document.

In mid-November, the Turkish Parliament passed a bill obliging the tourists starting in 2020 to pay tax on accommodation in the amount of 2% of the cost of accommodation. It was assumed that the fee will be levied on guests of hotels, Inns, guest houses, holiday resorts, guest houses and apartments and boutique hotels. The law podisul President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Earlier in Turkey on the initiative of the Ministry of Finance was focused on the introduction in 2020 of a tax on hoteliers, who had to pay from 1 to 6% of the cost of the hotel rooms in the budget. In the end, the parliamentary Commission decided to shift the tax on tourists and to change his bet.

Both innovations met harsh criticism of representatives of the tourism industry of Turkey. Hoteliers said that it may scare away foreign tourists and reduce their income. Also, in their opinion, the new tax cannot be entered now, when the industry has not yet recovered from the effects of the sharp decline in foreign tourist arrivals in 2015-2016.