Turkey has accused France of involvement in Libyan crisis

Paris has been assisting the army Khalifa the Haftarot in exchange for control over natural resources, stressed Ankara.

Turkey believes that the responsibility for the destabilization of the situation in Libya bears France. On 29 January, said the official representative of Turkish foreign Ministry Hami Aksoy, AFP reports.

“The main responsibility for all the problems in Libya, which began after the crisis of 2011, lies on France,” said Aksoy.

He also stressed that Paris has a “grants-in-aid (commander of the Libyan national army, General Khalifa) Haftarot in exchange for control over the natural resources of Libya”.

Earlier the President of France Emmanuel macron has accused his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he had violated the promise given at the conference in Berlin, sending ships to the Syrian mercenaries in Libya.

We will remind, in Libya is not the first diarchy reigns. In parallel, there are internationally recognized national consensus Government (NTC) Faiza Zarraga centre in Tripoli and the transitional Cabinet of Abdullah Abdurrahman al-Thani, operating in the East of the country.

The authorities in Eastern Libya are cooperating with the Haftarah, which is April leads the attack on the Libyan capital, together with the Parliament and support the Libyan national army, the Haftarot.

In Berlin on January 19 held a conference on the Libyan issue, which approved a comprehensive plan to resolve the conflict.

Prepare peacekeepers. Press about the meeting on Libya

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