TV presenter Ekaterina Andreeva has told about his personal life.

Ekaterina Andreeva became the guest of the new issue of “the Wife. A love story”. In the program, the presenter told about his marriage. Woman for 25 years, lives in a happy marriage with businessman Dusan Petrovichem, according to “Russian conversation”.

Catherine remembered how in the beginning of the relationship with Dusan and she introduced him to her daughter from a previous relationship with Natalia. The girl is very warmly took his stepfather and easily found common language with him. According to Andreeva, the man was quickly able to establish contact with her successor and keep this relationship for many years.

Even now Natalia can call Dusan one of your closest people. “She doesn’t call him dad, but he’s the first person she will run”, – said the presenter .

Also, the presenter added that if Natalia didn’t re-establish communication with Dusan, it would have ceased communication with him. “Dusan had no other chance, he only needed to position Natasha to itself”, – summed up the celebrity.