Embassy of Russia in Ukraine


Photo: Facebook

Ukraine news: police officers identify the personality, which has given the false report about the threat to the security of citizens.

The survey of the building of the Consulate General of Russia in Odessa and the territory of Arcadia explosive devices or objects are not detected.

This was reported by press service of the police at 18:22, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

Information on this fact brought in the Unified register of pre-trial investigations under part 1 of article 259 of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

As reported on page in Facebook the Odessa police, on Sunday at 8:10 am on spetsliniyu “102” received an anonymous message stating that the street Gagarin plateau mined.

Police later said that the message on a mining was false .

At 14:40 on the specialline “102” again received an anonymous message that the building of the General Consulate of the Russian Federation to the address the street Gagarin plateau, 14 and the territory of the district of Arcadia in Odessa is mined.

There were bomb experts and dog handlers, who checked out the territory on existence of explosive subjects.