For the last day in Zhytomyr region rescuers liquidated 9 ignitions of a dry grass of a total area of 19 hectares on the reserve lands of village councils, local communities and outdoor areas, as well as 11 fire debris.

As reported in the Sunday press service of the SSES, September 7 at 17:53 in Service of rescue “101” received a message about the fire in the village Kychkyri, Radomyshl district. On scene it was established that outdoor burning dry grass and shrubs. The fire had reached the village cemetery. Before arrival of fighters of gschs citizens tried to put out the dry vegetation means at hand, but they failed. Forces of rescuers the fire area of 3 hectares has been eliminated at 19:35. Firefighters prevented the spread of fire to the cemetery.

In addition, rescuers went to put out the dry vegetation near the village of Nova, Zhytomyr district. The fire was reported by local residents. It was found that the burning occurs on-site not active quarry. Using water from the fire truck, rescuers began to extinguish the fire, to prevent the increase in the area. Residents also helped to extinguish the flames with improvised means. Thanks to the coordinated work failed to prevent the increase in the scale of the blaze, firefighters extinguished the burning dead wood on the area of 5 hectares.

On the same day firefighters put out 7 fires of a dry grass in different parts of the region on a total area of 11 hectares.

In addition, during the day the rescuers 11 times left on suppression of garbage burning in a private sector and open areas in different parts of the region. The vast majority of the fire resulted in a fire in windy weather and careless handling of fire.

“We urge the population not to provoke fires in natural ecosystems. It is strictly forbidden to burn garbage, to build a fire near forests, dry vegetation in fields and throw cigarette butts or matches into the grass. During camping, you need to remember that the violation of fire safety rules threatens not only the environment, but also, first and foremost, your life and health” – called in gschs.