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MINSK, 26 March. /TASS/. Two citizens of Russia were detained during the dispersal of the “March of the angry Belarusians” in Minsk. These data are presented on the website of the unregistered human rights centre “Viasna”.

According to human rights activists, is now in the list of detainees, which is constantly updated, 254 persons, of which 134 have already been released without a Protocol or with the preparation.

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Among the detainees, including a former Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus of the 13th convocation Valery Shchukin, who was later hospitalized with a hypertensive crisis .

An unauthorized protest against the policy of Belarusian authorities accompanied by 25 March in Minsk active actions of the militia and Riot police. According to unofficial data, the police arrested about 300 potential participants of the “March of the angry Belarusians”, which is intended to pass from the National Academy of Sciences through the center of the city. Pre-planned but not agreed with the authorities a March dedicated to the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Belarusian people’s Republic did not take place.

“March of the angry Belarusians” was supposed to be a continuation of a series of protests, which since February has swept across the country. On the streets of Belarusian cities out residents, dissatisfied with the presidential decree on parasites, the opposition and citizens who disagree with government policy.