Arrived to Ukraine the Minister for foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson has declared its readiness to continue to support the territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state and does not recognize the status of the Crimean Peninsula. The view was echoed by Poland.

The British Minister said at a joint press conference with the participation of foreign Ministers of Poland and Ukraine – Pavlo Klimkin and Witold Waszczykowski in the framework of the working visit to Ukraine, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to Johnson, the UK never depart from the policy of supporting the sovereignty of Ukraine, which does not fit the recognition of the Crimea part of Russia. Moreover, the British foreign Secretary calling for increasing pressure on Moscow in connection with the annexation of the Peninsula.

“We will never accept the annexation (of the Crimea — ed .) and moreover — the pressure on Russia should be strengthened. We are here to help,” he said.

Johnson added that with this position on Crimea solidarity and the Polish authorities also acting in support of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, Johnson and Waszczykowski suggested Klimkin to expand the “channel format” at the expense of other European States interested in the conflict in the Donbas as soon as possible were resolved.