The world is covered by the new coronavirus from China

Quarantine measures have only slowed the spread of the new coronavirus Chinese COVID-2019.

Adviser to the world health organization (who), the Ira Longini voiced the worst case scenario the spread of a dangerous new type of coronavirus COVID-2019 in the world, according to Bloomberg.

The scientist made a model of the spread of the virus and stated that the quarantine measures have only slowed the spread of the virus.

“Under normal conditions, one case infects two or three people. Even if we reduce this figure by half, a new type of coronavirus infected the third part of the inhabitants of the Land,” he said.

We will remind, earlier the who said that developing a vaccine against coronavirus may take up to a year and a half. While in development for four possible vaccine COVID-2019. The first tests on humans will start within three or four months.

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