The chairmen of the Senate committees on homeland security, Ron Johnson, and governmental Affairs and Finance Chuck Grassley sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo with a request to provide detailed information about the son of the former Vice-President Joe Biden – the Hunter and the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, reports The Hill.

In his message, the lawmakers said that would like to “better understand what action, if any, the Obama administration has taken to ensure that political decisions regarding Ukraine Burisma and do not exert undue influence on the employment and financial interests of family members (Biden – if)”.

Both senators also want to know did the state Department to the office of the legal adviser or the inspector General of the Department considered “potential problems and conflicts of interest associated with the work of hunter Biden Burisma, while Vice President Biden reportedly acted as senior officials of the USA in Ukraine? If not, why not?”

Lawmakers requested any records of the state Department with the participation of hunter Biden and Burisma Holdings, as well as any documentation associated with business partners Biden – Devon Archer and Christopher Heinz.

They also want to know, did hunter Biden with then-Deputy Secretary of state Anthony Blinken in 2015 for “consultations” and is held in March 2016 meeting between Archer and the then us Secretary of state John Kerry.

Hunter Biden worked on the Board of Directors of the company Burisma, while his father was Vice President.


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