The equipment of the Ukrainian state centre of radio frequencies (UCRF) to measure the coverage area of digital TV broadcasting meets all technical parameters and is suitable to perform the necessary tasks, informed the news Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” the press service of the UCRF.

“Information company “Zeonbud” that the equipment of the Ukrainian state centre of radio frequencies (UCRF) to determine the coverage area of RES digital terrestrial television broadcasting are not suitable for these tasks, does not correspond to reality”, – stated in the message.

UCRF said that some remark of the company “Zeonbud” on equipment was confirmed and was fixed at the time of measurement. UCRF also gave “Zeonbud” all the necessary documents to prove that measuring instruments meet all requirements, 23 June .

The government stressed that it did not object to the participation of representatives of “Zeonbud” as observers when measuring, if you will receive from the company appropriate treatment.

“At the same time, the dissemination of false information on this subject UCRF regards as an attempt to discredit the state enterprise and thus to counteract the process of clarification of the real situation with coverage of digital terrestrial television broadcasting in Ukraine, which, apparently, very afraid of the company “Zeonbud”, – stressed in the UCRF.

Earlier, media reported that the digital television provider “Zeonbud” has accused the UCRF in the measurement of the coverage area of the broadcast digital television using the this equipment.