Known virtual researcher Streetcap1 caught on video numerous cylindrical UFO, which at great speed ran beside his house. According to him, one only has to look at the night sky, and immediately you can find a lot of alien ships around. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Moreover, the identified
the objects are of uncommon form, and the discovery of their true nature demanded
increasing the quality of the image. The cylinders have neither wings, nor any
other elements that could remind of the usual flying machines.

Moreover, Streetcap1
slowed down the video playback speed. Some of the features you
to see with the naked eye.

Earlier near Atlanta, American taking pictures of clouds, saw a UFO.

The impression was,
in the clouds something was moving, leaving a clearly visible trace. Originally
after the flight of these objects appeared Cirrus cloud, which soon
dissipated .