Ukraine has lost positions in the ranking of tourism (pictured centre of Odessa)

Rating of tourist competitiveness of Ukraine decreased by 12 lines, compared with 2013.

Ukraine occupied 88th place out of 136 in the ranking of tourism competitiveness, which was made by experts of the world economic forum, while in 2013 it was 76 positions.

In the past the rating of the organization, in 2015, Ukraine was not represented due to “incomplete information” about her.

Near Ukraine are such countries as Guatemala, Tunisia, Macedonia and Honduras.

Russia took the 43rd place. Compared to 2015, it has risen on two positions.

Topped the rating of Spain. The top ten also includes France, Germany, Japan, UK, USA, Australia, Italy, Canada and Switzerland. Last place went to Yemen.

It is noted that the experts ranked taking into account the 14 main parameters, such as cultural resources, available infrastructure, prices, health care, security level, international openness .

Last year, the journal Reporter wrote that Ukraine has become a country of sex tourism.

And recently Корреспондент.net remembered world rankings with Ukraine in 2016.