During the session of the NATO parliamentary Assembly in Bucharest on Friday, the Ukrainian delegation raised the issue of militarization of the Crimea and violations of the invaders of the rights and freedoms of man on the Peninsula, said MP from the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko” Irina Friz.

As reported in I. Frieze, who is Chairman of the permanent delegation in the NATO parliamentary Assembly, on his Facebook page: “the discussion that is still ongoing, we focused the attention of the NATO PA on the issues of militarization of the Crimea, the violation of rights and freedoms on the Peninsula invaders forced all the residents of the Crimea Russian citizenship, colonization of the peoples of Siberia, the infamous sentences Ilmi Umerov, Ahtem Chiygoz” .

According to her, one of the main reports for Ukraine, which will present speakers who are “Russia from partnership to competition”, the General Rapporteur Race Jukneviciene (Lithuania) and “Strengthening stability in the black sea region”, the Special Rapporteur Ulla Schmidt (Germany).

Chairman of the Ukrainian delegation also noted that Russia – the aggressor No. 1 in the world, which is to implement its own policy, uses as a comprehensive Arsenal of the struggle with the world such phenomena as separatism, cyberterrorism, information warfare and migration crisis.

“All this has become a geopolitical technologies that the Kremlin is skillfully juggles in the framework of a hybrid war against the democratic States,” she said.

As confirmation of these theses, as reported by I. Frieze, later in his speech, “the representative of the delegation of Spain, Ricardo Tarno said the presence of Russian arms in the Catalan question. “He is confident that in this way Russia is trying to undermine the unity of the countries of NATO”, – the Deputy wrote.