Multimania TV was banned in Ukraine




The national Council for television and radio broadcasting has decided to withdraw Multimania TV TV channel from the list of foreign programs that are allowed to relay in Ukraine.

Russian TV channel Multimania TV removed from the list allowed to relay in Ukraine. This was reported in the national Council for radio and television.

The national Council at its meeting of 20 April decided to exclude Multimania TV TV channel from the list of foreign programs for the relay program service providers in Ukraine.

On the website there was no information about what is the Latvian TV channel, but are only Russian permitting documents, particularly the certificate of registration and license “Roskomnadzor”. Also recorded stream of Russian-speaking unidentified commercial information (advertising or sponsorship information) .

“According to the Ukrainian advertising legislation, broadcasting/retransmission of foreign television programs, which contain advertising and originate from countries that have not ratified the European Convention on transfrontier television are not the countries of the European Union are prohibited”, – stated in the message.

As reported, by results of monitoring of TV channel “Hunter and fisherman”, having jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, the national Council on February 23 decided to withdraw it from the list of permitted in Ukraine.