National anti-doping center of Ukraine explained his claim that the Russian team violates the principles of fair play using doping. Including it is a violation of the rules at the Olympic winter games in 2014.

“The Ministry of youth and sports and the national anti-doping center of Ukraine categorically condemns the flagrant and shocking violation of international anti-doping rules, the principles of fair play, moral and ethical standards of the sport, carried out by Russia at the state level, in particular during the Olympic winter games in Sochi. National anti-doping center of Ukraine joins the call by these countries about the need to prosecute Russia, including by the removal of the Russian sports federations from participation in the Olympic winter games in 2018. The corresponding letter sent to the Institute of national anti-doping organizations (iNADO),” — said in a statement published on the official website of the Centre .

Ukraine has already become the 29th state, demanded to exclude Russia from participation in the Olympics. The requirement to suspend the Russian team from the Olympics 2018 was supported by the national anti-doping Agency of the Bahamas, Barbados, the French community of Belgium, Estonia, Flanders, Guatemala, Iceland, Poland, Puerto Rico, San Marino, Spain and Switzerland.