Trade representative of Ukraine Nataliya Mykolska

The direct financial losses of Ukraine with the aggression of Russia amounted to about a billion dollars. This was announced by Deputy Minister of economic development and trade, trade representative of Ukraine Nataliya Mykolska, transfers “Mirror of week”.

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According to her, the greatest financial losses were seen in the exports to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan – more than 40% of exports lost.

“But you did, and the rest of the country. If we sum up it all, then we will reach a figure of about one billion dollars of direct losses. Focuses your attention on the fact that it is direct losses, that is, only from the sale of goods. But we lose and the market of related services, in the sector of transport and logistics” – said Gaina.

She also added that Russian trade aggression pursues several objectives .

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“The first is to limit the foreign currency proceeds to Ukraine, making us financially weaker. The second is to force the Ukrainian product markets of these countries will replace their Russian products…the Third goal is to understand the transnational corporations that have production on the territory of Ukraine, and in Russia that they should leave Ukrainian land and develop the production on the territory that can provide them access to the market”, – informed the Deputy Minister.

Recall that Ukraine is suing Russia in the world trade organization because of the limitations of the transit of Ukrainian goods through Russian territory to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and asked about the establishment of an expert group in the framework of the case.

In turn, Russia agreed to participate in the proceedings in the case of transit, in particular, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that Russia would apply under international law methods of protection in connection with the claim.

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