The International court of justice in the Hague Ukraine has accused Russia of supporting terrorism and supplying weapons to the Donbass and racial discrimination in the Crimea.

As informs “the Russian
Dialogue”, Kyiv has accused Moscow of allegedly
the violation of two conventions: the struggle
the financing of terrorism and the elimination of
forms of racial discrimination.

The head of the Ukrainian
the delegation Olena zerkal, occupying
the post of Deputy foreign Minister of Ukraine, also
made a number of other high-profile accusations:
propaganda, cyber attacks, sabotage
activities, political corruption
and intimidation.

In light of this, Ukraine
proposes to introduce a temporary measure. Among
they are keeping Russia proper
control over their border, termination
funding militias and
supply of equipment and “military transitions
from the territory of the Russian Federation in the Donbass” .

In addition, Kiev requires
from Moscow to cease all forms of racial
discrimination in the Crimea, as well as cultural
and political pressure on the Ukrainians
on the Peninsula.

Earlier, the American Professor, representing
the interests of Kiev, stated that not all
militias as terrorists, but
among them there are. He also made
for the indication of provisional measures in respect of

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that Kyiv wants to achieve a fair court decision
in the Hague.