Specialists state Inspectorate for nuclear regulation of Ukraine has stated that contaminated masses move in their direction and will last over the Square until 16 August. Now there is information that “spot” is not only allegedly made up the territory of Ukraine, but also covered the Crimea and parts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and then shifted to the Central regions and completely filled the South, reports “Russian conversation”.

Moreover, according to them, only to August 18, a dangerous cloud allegedly has shifted, however slight “surge” briefly recorded in the Odessa region.

It is worth noting that Vladimir Putin for the first time commented on the accident under the Severodvinsk, assuring that the release of radiation has not occurred, the situation is under control, threat to the population there. The latter acknowledged that the day of the accident the level of radiation was exceeded by 4-16 times, but within a few hours the situation stabilized.

We will remind, victims of the explosion were five people. Took leave of them on August 13 in Sarov.