The international court of justice



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According to the representative of Ukraine said that the introduction of provisional measures is a matter of “life and death” for the innocent civilian population.

The introduction of temporary measures is an urgent issue and necessary to protect innocent civilians, without them, Russia will continue to play by their own rules and continue to violate international law.

This was stated by representative of Ukraine to the International court of justice Harold Honju CoE.

“Legal acrobatics that we heard from the Russian representative, demonstrates a clear belief that international rules relating to all other countries that simply do not concern Russia. All requests Ukraine this court is to use its legitimate authority to protect the Ukrainian civilian population that is under threat of terrorist attack and cultural destruction . Without the provisional measures from this court, Russia will continue to play by their own rules and do the opposite of what is required of these two conventions and the innocent Ukrainian civilians will pay the price,” said Harold Honju CoE.

He also noted that the situation is extremely acute and requires immediate response, since, as in the case of Georgia, the court should impose interim measures because the situation is unstable and may change, there is a vulnerable population that needs protection, there is ongoing conflict and attacks continue.