Photo: Ukraine wants to change the UN security Council

The UN security Council by some permanent members hold unfair position.

The UN Security Council calls for radical reform and restructuring of the authority, to prevent the paralysis of his work because of the unfair position of individual permanent members. This was stated on Tuesday at a meeting of the UN Security Council, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Sergiy Kyslytsya, UKRINFORM reported.

“The security Council is not as effective as hoped, the international community and many people around the world, and not because we deliberately ignore some issues or not working properly. On the contrary, the Council’s agenda expands every year, and its members spend more and more time for discussion,” said Sorrel.

He called specific deficiencies that limit the effectiveness of the UN security Council.

“First, the veto of the permanent members of the Council means a decision on the merits is possible only when the interests of the five not just match, but at least do not overlap. In other cases, the Council remains paralyzed,” – said the representative of Ukraine. Moreover, “the absence of a mechanism of overcoming a veto means a lack of incentives for a member with veto power, to work on a decision on a controversial issue.

Secondly, according to him, the implementation of the adopted resolutions has always been limited by the level of preparedness of the countries to do it, what happened very often in the history of the UN. “This selective approach to implementation contributes to the ability of the Council to achieve a breakthrough in different situations,” said Sorrel.

Thirdly, the UN security Council will be effective only if all member States would respect the UN Charter, norms and principles of international law, said the representative of Ukraine.

In this regard, he recalled the Russian aggression against Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine since 2014. “Was it able to respond appropriately? The answer is well known,” – said the Deputy foreign Minister of Ukraine.

He noted that Russia still occupying Crimea and parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, as well as deliver military force and weapons.

“The Russian delegation may declare as usual that our comments do not relate to the topic of today’s discussion. Our answer is very simple: Russia’s actions have undermined and continue to undermine the international legal system based on norms, poses a direct threat to international peace and security, and this is the one topic that Council must address,” said Sorrel.

In conclusion, he expressed the belief that “without radical reform and a complete overhaul of the Security Council in its present form we can only expect the same protracted discussion, sometimes even curious, but with limited effect, when we need real and coordinated solutions.” In order to change the situation, said the representative of Ukraine, need a little: “the Only responsible attitude of the permanent members to perform their duties in favor of peace, however, while this is not enough in the work of the Council.”

Recall, the US used its veto power to block a proposal by Egypt draft resolution against the recognition by the countries of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.