The co-Chairman of the party “Opposition bloc” Boris Kolesnikov in favour of reforming the system of power in Ukraine and the transition to a parliamentary Republic where the head of state is the Prime Minister.

“I don’t believe in the presidential model. All five presidents is not caused, to put it mildly, pride among Ukrainians. So it’s not our model. The Republic can not be a parliamentary-presidential or presidential-parliamentary. It can be either parliamentary or presidential. Ukraine should be a parliamentary Republic where the Prime Minister, in fact, is the head of state. And the President should be elected in Parliament, as is the case in Germany or Italy, and be responsible for the observance of the Constitution”, – the politician told the TV channel “NewsOne”.

According to him, Ukraine needs to change the system of government, and not adapt to those or other politicians.

“We have all adjusted to the individual . Error our American and European partners, who are donors of Ukraine and help the current government, that they put on the individual. And we need to radically change the system”, – said Boris Kolesnikov.

He emphasized that Ukraine needs to adopt a new Constitution. The draft amendments to the Basic law was drafted by an Opposition government in 2016.

“150 MPs must be elected exclusively on open party lists. And then nobody will be able to buy votes. The government must be simplified, especially against the background of the fourth wave of industrialization and the digital revolution. Manage all areas you can use household tablet. Today Ukraine manages in 10 times more people than ran the Ukrainian SSR. So what is our market?”- said Boris Kolesnikov.

“The Central government should be the defence, security, foreign policy and national infrastructure. All the rest, together with the tools and powers should be transferred to local councils”, – said Boris Kolesnikov.