Ukraine as of September 1, the beginning of sowing of winter crops under the yield of the 2018 forecast of 7.2 million hectares was held on an area of 11.8 thousand hectares, according to the website of the Ministry of agrarian policy and food.

According to information, winter wheat and triticale planted on an area of 10.7 thousand ha (at the forecast of 6.1 million hectares), rye – by 0.6 thousand hectares (161 ha), barley – 0,5 thousand ha (926 ha), winter rape – on 574 hectares (777 hectares).

Besides, Ukraine harvested 26 thousand tons of corn in the area of 7 thousand hectares, sunflower – 242 thousand tons in the area of 158 hectares, soybeans – 25 thousand tons on an area of 15 thousand hectares, sugar beet – 74,4 thousand tons on an area of 1.6 thousand hectares.

As reported, Ukraine has completed harvesting early grain and leguminous crops, namolotu 37.3 million tons with the area of 9.6 million hectares (100% of the forecast) .

The grain harvest in Ukraine in 2016, according to the state statistics service, amounted to approximately 66 million tons.

The Ministry of agriculture, U.S. (USDA) in August improved the forecast of grain harvest in Ukraine to 2017 is 3.9 million tonnes compared to the July forecast to 64,99 million tons, export – by 10%, from 42.11 mn tons in the 2017/2018 marketing year (MG, July-June).