NSDC Secretary Oleksandr danylyuk said that the official Kyiv has reacted to the political crisis in Moldova, “Russian conversation” with reference to “European truth”.

The foreign Ministry of Ukraine stated that Kyiv is ready to mediate between the Moldovan democratic party and the newly elected government headed by Maia Sandu. Specific suggestions for resolving the conflict, the diplomats have not yet announced.

The office Square said that the fear of federalization of the neighboring country, which allegedly discussed by the leaders of the democratic party and the socialist party of plahotniuc and Dodon. Kiev insists that Ukraine and Moldavy common European future. According to the team Zelensky, a neighboring country is threatened by political crisis.

Parliamentary elections in Moldova took place in February, but on June 8 the country’s constitutional court made the decision on its dissolution, since the policy within 90 days have not found the compromise, leaving the country without a government.

According to the Moldovan legislation, the President Igor Dodon should dissolve the legislative body and appoint early elections. The head of state made an alarming statement about the political situation and the new government called Moldova “the occupied country”.