The strategy will be developed for the audit of all government electronic resources to protection against attacks.

The Secretary of national security and defense Alexander danyluk announced in Facebook that Ukraine will develop a new cybersecurity strategy.

He reminded that in 2017 Ukraine was carried out large-scale cyber attack, which affected dozens of Ukrainian banks, media, government agencies and private enterprises. Had infected more than 13 thousands of computers in more than 200 government agencies.

“Such cyber-attacks aimed at undermining the economy with propaganda, energy blackmail is another weapon of Russia in hybrid war”, – said danyluk.

He said that the Ukrainian government will find “the best experts to the Ukrainian cyberspace was protected from any threats.”

“This year, according to the NSDC decision, the state electronic information resources will be inspection of cyber security. The results will be published a new cybersecurity strategy. Our country has five-year experience of struggle against a powerful enemy in the cyberspace, it is useful when forming a new plan. In Ukraine there are some of the best it professionals in the world, we can protect our cyberspace from their talents. We are open to suggestions. If you specializiruetsya on cyber defence and want to help Ukraine become more secure, send us your ideas on”– said the NSDC Secretary.