Photo: ukrafoto.com

The Ministry of defence is studying the possibility of increasing the number of troops in the South of Odessa region.

The leadership of Ukraine plans to increase the Armed forces of Ukraine in Odessa region with the simultaneous creation of necessary material-technical base, said defense Minister of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak.

The headquarters of the ATO announced the disappointing news from the front

“The previous military and political leadership made decisions in which we have practically no military units in the region. Our plan is to increase this group, to create the infrastructure and necessary logistics. Today we have a military unit in Bolgrad, formed military units in Sarata will be a military office in Sochi”, – said S. Poltorak during a working trip to Odesa garrison on Friday, the press service of the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

The Minister of defence of Ukraine added: “where the army is, there is the development of the region. But above all, a guarantee of security and territorial integrity of our country.”