Junior Eurovision 2018



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Culture news: national public broadcasting company of Ukraine will hold the national selection for Ukraine’s participation in the Children’s song contest Eurovision-2018.

Despite the total underfunding of the company, the NOTE will hold the national selection for Ukraine’s participation in the Children’s Eurovision song contest, however the qualifying stage will take place online.

The Ukrainian public broadcaster considers it his duty to exert maximum effort in order not to deprive Ukraine the Junior Eurovision song contest.

Team the Public is convinced that competition is an element of cultural diplomacy and the possibility for Ukraine to remind myself in the world media in a positive context.

In addition, Junior Eurovision is an important chance for talented children to Express themselves . Tpke is an example of success stories for children, stories about how hard work, ambition, courage, creativity allow to realize themselves.

Participation in international competition involves a significant expense of television on the conduct of the qualifying stage and also a compulsory contribution to the European broadcasting Union, the organizer of the contest for participation in the competition. Underfunded the company NSTU does not have the financial ability to carry out all the necessary expenses.

This is why the Public refuses for the first time the television version of the national selection and will hold the qualifying stage only online, because this will minimize the production costs.


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Publication from UA: Verbazende. Eurovision (@eurovision.ua) 2 Aug 2018 7:43 PDT

However, the problem of payment of annual membership fees to the EBU and the compulsory fee for participation in the Children’s song contest Eurovision-2018 remains open. As yet there is no means to ensure the participation of the Ukrainian delegation at the international stage of the competition.

The national public broadcasting company of Ukraine hopes that the government will fulfill its obligations and co-finances NSTU according to the law “On public television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine”.

Now in the distribution of expenditures of the state budget of Ukraine for the year 2018 for NSTU provided only 776 million, which does not cover the current operating expenses of the company until the end of 2018, as the funding is less than half the amount guaranteed by the Law of Ukraine “On public television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine”, which States that the budget NSTU should be 0.2% of the expenditures of the General Fund of the State budget of Ukraine for the previous year, i.e. UAH 1540000000.

As of 2 August, the European broadcasting Union has confirmed the participation of Ukraine in the competition based on obligations to NCTU to pay the required fees in the fall.

Thus Ukraine became the twentieth countrythat will participate in the Eurovision song contest.

Recall Children’s song contest Eurovision – the annual international competition for children under the age of 15 years, which involved one representative from each of the member countries of the European broadcasting Union. NSTU is the youngest European public broadcaster and for research of the European Linguistic Union – the least funded. In November 2018 contest will be held in Minsk, Belarus. NSTU the previously reported lack of funds to ensure the participation of Ukraine in international song contest due to the underfunding of the company.