Deputy foreign Minister for European integration Olena zerkal said that in February 2018 Ukraine will submit a Memorandum under the claim in the UN international Tribunal on law of the sea (Hamburg, Germany) on the violation of the Russian Federation of the UN Convention on the law of the sea, and the results on the claim can be no earlier than 2021.

“We also are completing work on our Memorandum on the Convention of the sea, and it will be submitted to Arbitration in February 2018,” – said E. the mirror is in the air “channel 5” on Tuesday.

The Deputy Minister noted that after the filing of the Memorandum, Russia will have 3 months to file objections to jurisdiction, with these objections, Ukraine will be able to submit their comments . “After we give your the second Memorandum will be hearing after which a decision will be made about the presence or lack of jurisdiction at the Arbitration hearing in this case, ie the first results may already be in 2019”, – she added

E. serkal also said that after that there will be a hearing in fact, and the results should be “expected not earlier than 2021”.