Ukrainian agrarian Rada (VAR) proposes to amend the system of state registration of land to prevent raids against agricultural enterprises.

According to the VAR in the environment, it hopes that its initiative will be considered in the “anti-raiding” the draft law, on which are currently working the Ministry of agrarian policy, Ministry of justice, the deputies and experts.

“Have seen the flourishing agrarian raiding became possible because of the impunity of state registrars and the limited capacity of control over their activities”, – stated in the message.

VAR, in particular, proposes to give the state Registrar of property rights access to all databases of the State land cadastre (SLC) and Registry of property rights to immovable property, and to oblige them before the registration action to check the information about the plot in all these databases .

In addition, the VAR finds it necessary to establish a clear date by which all information about all zemuchastki, which are property rights, will be submitted to the SLC.

Recalling Gosgeokadastr, VAR noted that in Ukraine at least 4 million parcels, which are issued by the state certificate, is not registered in the SLC.

VAR also proposes to require registrars to refuse registration, if the site has no cadastral number.

As reported, the agrarian Committee of the Verkhovna Rada has established a working group to elaborate a draft law on the protection of the property rights of owners and users of land, combating unlawful takeover and seizure of enterprises in the agricultural sector. It included MPs, representatives of Ministry of agrarian policy, Ministry of justice, Ministry of interior, Gosgeokadastra, industry associations.

The Cabinet on August 9 adopted a decision on creation of anti-raiding agricultural staffs comprising representatives of the Ministry of justice, Gosgeokadastra, the interior Ministry, the Prosecutor General, and specialized agricultural associations to provide legal, informational and practical assistance to farmers with the purpose of protection from illegal seizure of land and crops. Managers of such staff (heads of regional administration) every two weeks are obliged to inform on its work to the Cabinet, the Ministry of justice, Ministry of internal Affairs.