As it was
installed findings were witnessed in the mother-mountain, which
geographically located in the Zaporozhye region. In addition to the above
items, seekers of ancient artifacts managed to find the old burial
the ancient peoples. A preliminary analysis allowed to discover that age
an experienced soldier and the deceased squire had barely reached 20 years. The second grave was
somewhat distant from the burial of the higher status of a soldier, but
between these graves found massive layers of ash, indicating that the conduction
certain ritual. This publication reports the Russian Dialogue.

have concluded that the looters have managed to plunder the tomb, but can not accurately
to say in what century it happened, although they already were able to install
the approximate period of the funeral.

About a year ago
scientists were able for the first time in history to unearth the pair burial of the Scythian civilization. After some time, it was found that the dead were
the couple, who were friends since childhood. The remains of the deceased married couple
located on each other.

We will add that in
Siberian vicinity were able to identify the jewels in the burial of a Scythian king.
This tomb dated to the time when humanity went from the bronze to
iron age. Surprising is the fact that the grave due to the presence of
bogs and cold weather preserved in excellent condition.