Employees of the State border service of Ukraine together with employees of SBU and the National police over the past day arrested 8 people who went to Odessa without specifying a clear purpose of his visit.

As reported in the press-service of state frontier service of Ukraine for the past day the police detained 8 people – citizens of Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Russia – a strong Constitution, which allegedly arrived to participate in the competition. Seven of them (4 citizens of Kyrgyzstan and 3 citizens of Belarus) arrived by the flight “Minsk – Odessa”, and a citizen of Russia, arrived from Dubai in “Borispol””.

“As a result of check militiamen established that the individuals arrived at the invitation of the public organization, which probably attracted the militants “Kulikovo field”, which was also involved in attempts to capture the power of buildings of state authorities”, – is told in the message .

All persons who are unable to specify a clear purpose of their stay on the territory of Ukraine through the state border are not missed and sent the return flight.

In the state border service reminded about the strengthening of measures to counter a possible visit to Ukraine of the persons arriving to participate in the actions of destructive nature on the eve of the anniversary of the tragedy that occurred in Odessa on 2 may 2014.