Employees of the State border service of Ukraine on the eve of the victory Day over Nazism in the Second world war strengthened security measures at the state border, the press service of the border service on Wednesday morning.

“They (measures – if) carried out to prevent the importation into Ukraine of weapons, ammunition, explosives, other means of terror, as well as enter Ukraine or transit of persons with separatist and extremist sentiments, which can destabilize the situation in our country. In particular, it also applies to people on motorcycles that belong to the biker movement “Night wolves”, – stated in the message.

In state frontier service noted that such security measures are conducted on the basis of the analysis and experience of previous years, “because in 2017-2018 such attempts have taken place on the part of members of the Russian biker club “Night wolves” and their followers from the so-called self-proclaimed “DNR/LNR” – the biker club “Night wolves. Donbass”, which went on the 9th may, under the General slogan of the rally “Road to Victory – Berlin-2018”.

In this context, the Ukrainian frontier Department noted that no organized groups of bikers or even single riders provocateurs border over the Easter and may holidays have not crossed neither on entry nor on exit.

“However, does not exclude attempts on the part of individual representatives of these and other radical biker clubs to enter the territory of Ukraine alone or in small groups under the guise of Moto-tourists and implement provocative actions, which in turn may lead to conflict situations between members of the organization and patriotically-minded inhabitants of the Ukrainian frontier, and that can be used by Russian media to create relevant content “picture”, – added in state frontier service.

As a result, said the Agency, in the case of arrival at the border crossing points to foreigners (especially moving motorcycles) that are aggressively tuned against the state of Ukraine will Express dissatisfaction with the Ukrainian authorities, to follow with Russian flags, Pro-Russian symbolism, St. George ribbons, the propaganda materials, the border guards will decide on nepropusk such persons in Ukraine, and if there are legal grounds these individuals will be denied entry to Ukraine in the manner prescribed by law.






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