Savings Bank (Kyiv) from March 28, withdrew the previously set daily limits for transactions with the use of corporate cards, the Bank said on the website.

According to the report, in particular, abolished the daily limit for transactions using the corporate card for cash withdrawals from card accounts and any non-cash transactions with card accounts.

As reported, on March 28, all branches of the Ukrainian subsidiary Bank Sberbank of Russia unlocked.

In mid-March, representatives of nationalist organizations in the center of Kiev was bricked up entrance to the Central branch of Sberbank.

In addition, as of March 24 were blocked Bank branches in the Dnieper river, Zaporozhye, Sumy and Vinnitsa .

Party “national body”, which block the work of banks with Russian capital in Ukraine, on March 27 announced the temporary suspension of the blockade so that the Ukrainians were able to withdraw their savings, but plans the next phase until the complete cessation of all branches of Sberbank of Russia in Ukraine.

On Tuesday morning, March 28, a number of activists began dismantling concrete blocks at the main office of the subsidiary Bank of Sberbank of Russia in Ukraine.

Sberbank (formerly, JSC “Subsidiary Bank Sberbank of Russia” to the Bank “NRB”) was founded in 2001. Its sole owner is the savings Bank of Russia.

According to the national Bank of Ukraine, by 1 January 2017 in terms of assets (UAH billion 48,356) he occupied the 6th place among 93 operating in the country banks.

Sberbank, according to him, serves more than 1 million individuals in Ukraine.