Ukrainian nationalists are going to temporarily interrupt the operation of the offices of the Russian Sberbank in the normal mode, in order to allow customers of a financial institution to close their account and withdraw funds.

With this statement, the initiator of the blockade of Russian banks in Ukraine, far-right party “national building”, was made on Monday, March 27, according to “Russian conversation”.

The radicals say they do not want in any way to harm the Ukrainians, holding their money in Sberbank of Russia, declaring the temporary cessation of the siege, so that customers could sever the financial relationship with the Russian establishment. In the “National housing” argue that the “war with Russia”, so after the Ukrainian customers will take their money out of the savings Bank of Russia will proceed to the second phase of the blockade.

“We will unblock the offices of Russian banks, knowing that depositors in them, in particular, have become ordinary citizens”, – reads the statement of the nationalists.

We will remind, the radicals began a blockade of Russian banks in March after the Bank declared readiness to serve the customers with the documents issued on the territory of the breakaway republics of Donbass.

The participants of the blockade disfigured in Kiev several branches of Sberbank, and probably to stop them working walled inputs and outputs in financial institutions.