Permanent representative of Russia to NATO Alexander Grushko said that the instructors of the Alliance at the invitation of the Kiev authorities are in Ukraine, where he participated in the preparation of the Ukrainian military before their deployment in the conflict zone in the Donbass.

According to him, several countries that are members of NATO, with the war in the Donbas actively help Ukraine in terms of military training and sent to the country of their military training instructors work with soldiers of the Ukrainian army, which wants to meet the standards of the NATO, informs “the Russian Dialogue.”

Grushko says that NATO is providing assistance is of a political nature, because in this way the Alliance actually intervenes in an armed confrontation in the South-East of Ukraine .

“Instructors from several NATO countries continue to train their security forces, which are moved in the area of so-called anti-terrorist operation”, – he said.

Recall that over a long period of time the Ukrainian military trained instructor from Canada, but the authorities have decided to recall them even in the summer of 2016.

As previously reported, the Ukrainian question was the first on the agenda of the summit Russia – NATO, which started on 30 March in Brussels.