The investigative Committee continues to establish the facts of shelling the civilians in Donbass Ukrainian security forces in the period from March 3 to March 10.

According to “Russian conversation” with reference to
press service of the TFR, in connection with the identification
new facts of shelling of residential areas
Donbass open criminal investigation
proceedings under part 1 of article 356 of the criminal code.

According to
investigation, the military personnel of VSU and national guard
fulfilled the criminal orders of command.
It is noted that they shelled villages
the settlements of Donbass, in particular civil
infrastructure that are not
are civilian targets. Should
to draw attention to the fact that as a result of
the criminal actions of the Ukrainian security forces
it was destroyed about 50 buildings in
Donetsk, Gorlovka, Dokuchaevsk and other
settlements located
nearby .

In addition,
TFR stressed that continue
investigations against individuals, the involvement
the attacks on civilians
Donbass is already installed. At this
investigators continue to identify
the facts of the criminal actions of the security forces
against civilians in the Donbass.

Recall, on the eve
it became known that the head of DNR Alexander
Zakharchenko officially equated the boundary line to the state border.