On Saturday, April 29, the Ukrainian Armed forces attacked militia fighters in the self-proclaimed LNR near the village of Frunze, among the militia, there are victims.

As reported in the press service of NM LNR, Ukrainian security forces fired anti-tank blew up the car “Ural”, which was the personnel of the national police, reports “Russian conversation”.

The shelling was conducted from the settlement of the Crimean in the direction of the settlement of Frunze. The incident resulted in one militia killed and another wounded.

We will remind, recently in the self-proclaimed DND said that the Ukrainian army is conducting at the line of demarcation maneuvers that indicate the impending offensive on the militia positions.

In Donetsk suggest that Kiev is planning to surround major Metropolitan areas and out to the Russian border, avoiding urban fighting .

It was also reported that exploration of the militias found armored units of the Ukrainian army on the outskirts of the Town, in Selidovo transferred to the reactive system of volley fire “Grad”.