The people’s militia self-proclaimed LNR said, as the Republican forces managed to occupy new swathes of territory from the line of contact without fighting because the Ukrainian security forces they wanted to take their positions.

Several such incidents that occurred in the beginning of the year, said the official representative of the LPR militia Andrey Marochko, according to “Russian conversation”.

According to Marochko, in winter militiamen easily took the positions of Ukrainian security forces under their control near the settlement Popasnaya, having advanced in each of the cases into their territory at 250-300 meters. They didn’t even have to take up arms, because Ukrainian military made a decision to leave the occupied territory .

The official representative of the national police LNR suggested that the Ukrainian security forces in the conflict zone no longer feel the motivation of its location in the Donbas and resorted to mass desertion.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation” last week the security forces attempted to seize controlled by the militias LNR village Groove and take Bakhmut the track, however, all the impulses of the Ukrainian military successfully repulsed.